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Sichuan Highlight 14 Days Birding Tour
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Sichuan Highlight 14 Days Birding Tour


Duration: 14 Days 

Destination: Sichuan

Activities: Birds Watching



Sichuan province, right in the heart of the Middle Kingdom, is a fabulously bird-rich region home to the bulk of China's endemic birds (and the majority of its Giant Pandas!). On this new tour we'll concentrate on seeing the endemic and near-endemic species as well as sampling the superb food, genuine hospitality and dramatic scenery for which the region is rightly famous. Although the wild mountainous terrain and torrential rivers have combined to keep the province isolated until relatively recently, the exceptional diversity of habitats and a newly developed tourist infrastructure with comfortable hotels and decent roads make Sichuan an appealing destination. We'll visit four main sites, each with its own charm and birdlife. We'll start on the magnificent Emei Shan Mountain, a 10,000-foot peak that rises abruptly out of the Red Basin. Next we'll visit Wolong National Park, famed as the home of China's few remaining Giant Pandas but also renowned as a haven for a large number of spectacular birds, and then we'll venture into the attractive rolling grasslands at the extreme eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, where we'll search for specialties such as Black-necked Crane and Rufous-necked Snowfinch. We’ll conclude in the striking Jiuzhaigou National Park, a reserve that's beautiful beyond belief with dramatic alpine scenery, turquoise lakes and myriad waterfalls.




Day 1: We will arrive at Beijing Capital airport transfer to Beidaihe hotel, check in.  Night in Beidaihe hotel

If time permits. We may go to Shanghaiguan great wall en route, Looking for White-browed Chinese Warbler Rhopophilus pekinensis.  D


Day 2: Birding at Geziwo marshy Park in Beidaihe.   Night in Beidaihe hotel  B/L/D

Beidaihe, a holiday resort at the north end of the Yellow Sea in eastern China, is the focal point for migrant birds passing between Siberia and their wintering grounds in southeast Asia, and has recently become a major birdwatching destination. In spring, highlights can include Asiatic Dowitcher, Relict and Saunders's Gulls, Pechora Pipit, Scaly Thrush and spectacular falls of migrants including most of the Asian vagrants on the North American list. The autumn trip is also timed to coincide with peak migration and the two seasons can be surprisingly different. Several species of waders such as Grey-tailed Tattler and Red-necked Stint are much more regular at this time of year as are a number of conspicuous diurnal migrants such as Pied Harrier, Amur Falcon and Needle-tailed Swift.


Day 3: Fly from Beijing to Chengdu.  Night in Chengdu  B/L/D

Met at the airport.,Transfer to hotel. As an option in the evening(30 US$ extra), enjoy a wonderful performance of 'Face changing 'and 'Flame Spitting -Out' of Sichuan Opera.


Day 4: Chengdu - Giant Pandas - Moon Bear Rescue Centre – Chengdu.    Night in Chengdu  B/L/D

Drive to visit Chengdu Panda Base. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is located in the northern suburb of Chengdu on Futou Hill. It is 10 km from downtown Chengdu. Then continue drive to to visit Chengdu Moon Bear Rescue Centre (四川龙桥黑熊救护中心), Contact :LINDA GUO--15881145384 电话:(028)83079033-221地址:成都市新都区龙桥镇青桥村四川龙桥黑熊救护中心

The Moon Bear Rescue Center lies in Longqiao Town, about a 50-minute drive northwest of Chengdu. It was established in December 2000 by Jill Robinson, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Animals Asia Foundation. In July of that year, the China Wildlife Conservation Association, the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department and the foundation signed an agreement on moon bear rescue. According to the agreement, the Animals Asia Foundation will compensate farms that release their bears. The provincial government of Sichuan will transfer the licenses of closed bear farms to the AAF and, in light of state regulations, no more such licenses will be issued. This agreement inaugurated a nationwide campaign to rescue moon bears.More information about Bear Rescue Center, please click here!


Day 5: ChengduEmeishan Mt.   Night on the foot of Emeishan Mt.  B/L/D

Leaving Chengdu we'll drive south across the Red Basin, making our own pilgrimage to Emei Shan, one of China's four sacred Buddhist mountains. Straddling the boundary between the Palearctic and Oriental regions, Emei Shan, the towering mountain that dominates this part of southern Sichuan, harbors a remarkable variety of species. Over the years its numerous monasteries and ancient shrines have served to protect its forests, much to the benefit of its near unique avifauna. Several species–Emei Shan Leaf Warbler, Emei Shan Liocichla and Seicercus omeiensis–bear the mountain's name while at least one other, Grey-hooded Parrotbill, is almost endemic to this site. We'll spend five nights at four different altitudes on the majestic 10,000-foot peak. Our first will be close to the base, where we'll search the subtropical forests near our hotel for species such as Black Baza, Swinhoe's Minivet, Brown-breasted and Ferruginous Flycatchers, Collared Finchbill, Hwamei and Ashy-throated Parrotbill.


Day 6: Foot of Emeishan Mt. - Golden Summit  Night on the Golden Summit.  B/L/D

Today we'll drive up the mountain to Leidongping. After a short walk we'll take a cable car up to the "Golden Summit," where we'll spend the night. Target species here include vociferous Spotted Nutcrackers, Chestnut Thrushes, demure Golden, White-browed Bush-Robins. Umpteen warblers, including eight bush-warblers and no fewer than 17 species of phylloscopus warblers, are possible on this tour, and a good number of each breed on the mountain. The summit area holds healthy populations of Chestnut-crowned and Aberrant Bush-Warblers, Buff-throated and Buff-barred Warblers in particular. Other possibilities include Red-winged Laughingthrush, Maroon-backed Accentor, Spot-winged and Vinaceous Rosefinches, Grey-headed Bullfinch and several species of parrotbills. Night on the Golden Summit.


Day 7: Golden Summit - Leidongping.  Night at the Leidongping.  B/L/D

After a morning exploring the stunted conifers and rhododendron and bamboo thickets adorning the summit we'll return to Leidongping. Here the species diversity is even greater and the forests ring to the sounds of Oriental, Lesser and Large Hawk-Cuckoos, making it a challenge to distinguish more subtle vocalists such as Emei Shan Liocichla, Bar-winged Wren-Babbler and Slaty Bunting.


Day 8: Birding around Leidongping.  Night at the Leidongping.  B/L/D

We'll spend the whole day around Leidongping walking one of the pilgrimage trails down to the spectacularly imposing Xixiang Chi monastery. We're sure to see many of the mountain's pesky macaques and hope to encounter a good variety of birds, perhaps including Speckled Wood and Wedge-tailed Green Pigeons, Purple Cochoa and possibly the gorgeous Black-headed Sibia. Golden-spectacled Warbler has recently been split into a number of different species, three of which occur on Emei Shan, and we should find two of them today.


Day 9: Leidongping - Wannian Temple.  Night inside the Buddhist temple complex at Wannian.  B/L/D

This morning we'll descend much farther to spend the day birding close to Wannian Temple at just over 3000 feet. The avifauna here is very different from that of the higher elevations, and new species chould include Chinese Bamboo Partridge (much easier to hear than to see), Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo, the endemic Chinese form of Blue-throated Flycatcher, Sulphur-breasted Warbler, the recently described Plain-tailed Warbler, Dusky Fulvetta and Golden Parrotbill. Night inside the Buddhist temple complex at Wannian.


Day 10: Wannian TempleWawu Mt.  Night at Wawu Mt.  B/L/D

After a final morning around Wannian we'll take a cable car back down to our waiting vehicle and leave Emei Shan for Wawu Mt., and checking patches of scrub and bamboo en-route could reveal our second parrotbill of the tour Ashy-throated. Other possibilities include Oriental Greenfinch and Hwamei. Following lunch we pass the entrance gates to the wonderful forest that surrounds Wawu mountain(200km from Chengdu), driving up the long, winding road will provide us with plenty of opportunities for birding before we reach our hotel for the next 2 nights.


Day 11: Birding at Wawu Mt. Night at Wawu Mt.   B/L/D

The lower slopes of Wawu Shan will provide us with yet another suite of new species as we explore the forest that surrounds our hotel in search of the various warblers, babblers and laughingthrushes, while the spectacular Lady Amherst Pheasant is one of the most sought-after species on the mountain. Marten, Alstrom, Emei Leaf, Kloss (part of the hite-tailed complex), Claudia (split from Blyth) and Sulphur-breasted Warblers, Golden-breasted Fulvetta, Golden and Grey-headed Parrotbills, four species of Forktail, Buffy, Red-winged and Spotted Laughingthrushes, Emei Liocichla, Red-billed Leiothrix, Fujian, Vivid and Rufous-bellied Niltavas, Chinese Blue Flycatcher (the finest songster of the region), Hodgson Hawk Cuckoo and Russet Bush Warbler are just some of the species we’ll be looking for from the roadside.On one day we will board a cable car that takes us up into a surreal landscape, with a lush bamboo understorey dominating the mixed evergreen and pine forest on this table top mountain. An extensive well-maintained trail system allows us an easy walk through this bird-rich area. The understorey holds an incredible variety of bush warblers, including Brown, Spotted, Aberrant, Chestnut-crowned and Grey-sided, while the occasional flash of golden yellow reveals the presence of delightful Golden Bush Robins. Fulvous Parrotbills are present, and other possibilities include Great and Brown Parrotbills and Three-toed Woodpecker, which we can hope to find whilst in pursuit of the two main attractions of this mountain the recently described Sichuan Treecreeper and the rare Grey-hooded Parrotbill. Nights at Wawu Shan.


Day 12: Wawu Mt – Zhougongshan Mt.     Night in Hot spring hotel.  B/L/D

Drive to Zhougongshan Mt., free and easy in the rest of the day. You may enjoy the wonderfully hot spring there.


Day 13: Drive to Bifengxia Panda Base, then back to Chengdu.  Night in Chengdu.  B/L/D

Bifengxia Panda Base (Panda Research Center), construction began in October 2002, and finished in October 2003, planned area totals 400 hectares. The Bifengxia Giant Panda Base is located in altitude of 1100m to 1800m, from E102¨¬57¡Ç37.02" to E103¨¬00¡Ç0.94", from N 30¨¬03¡Ç25.47" to N 30¨¬04¡Ç43.75". The base divided into 4 function area: Raising and Bredding area, Office area, Bambaoo plantation area, Training area for panda be released into the wild (training in simulated wild environments). After earthquake 2008, Bifengxia Panda Base is the best place to see pandas in the natural scenery they inhabit, it has been selected as China's latest giant panda protection base, Bifengxia has a new role to play in altering the destiny of the endangered species. It is raining more in Bifengxia, and temerature lower about 25¨¬C, more wet air.Bifengxia Panda Center.


Day 14:Birding in Dufu thatched cottage scenic area, visit Jinsha Ruins Museum in the afternoon. Night in Chengdu.  B/L/D

Chengdu, Sichuan's attractive provincial capital. We will visit the luxuriant, bamboo-thronged gardens surrounding the cottage of Du Fu, a celebrated Tang dynasty poet. Birds here include Rufous-faced Warbler, White-browed Laughingthrush, Vinous-throated Parrotbill, Tiger Shrike and Yellow-billed Grosbeak. 

Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Museum, It exhibits the splendid culture of the ancient Shu Kingdom 3,000 years ago, modifying previous assumptions about the origins of the Chinese civilization. Over 6,000 pieces of cultural relics with sophisticated craftsmanship, like carved jade, gold, bronze, stone, and ivory artifacts, have been unearthed at the Jinsha Ruins. Historians believe they are the remains of the ancient Shu Kingdom mentioned in stories of the Qin and Han dynasties. The discovery is considered by local archaeologists as one of the most important finds in the region's history. As hightlight in the evening, enjoy a wonderful variety show of “Face changing” and “Flame Spitting - Out” of Sichuan Opera.


Day 15: Drop off to airport, fly to Beijing. If possible connect international flight to US, otherwise stay one night in the hotel near Beijing airport.


Hotel accommodation inclusive in the above package:



Comfortable Class

Day 1


Beidaihe hotel

Day 2


Beidaihe hotel

Day 3


Jingmantang Hotel 

Day 4


Jingmantang Hotel 

Day 5

Emeishan Mt.

Phoenix Lake Hotel

Day 6

Emeishan Mt.

Gold Summit Hotel

Day 7

Emeishan Mt.

Leidongping Hotel

Day 8

Emeishan Mt.

Leidongping Hotel

Day 9

Emeishan Mt.

Wannian Temple Guest House

Day 10

The foot of Mt. Wawu

Wawu Mt Grand Hotel

Day 11

Half of Mt. Wawu

Hongtong Fazenda

Day 12

Zhougongshan Mt.

Hot spring hotel

Day 13


Jingmantang Hotel 

Day 14


Jingmantang Hotel 

Day 15


Beijing airport Hotel

Meal Code: B-Breakfast in the hotel   L-Chinese lunch in local restaurant  D-Chinese Dinner in local restaurant




The Package Includes:

* Daily private escorted tours with all entrance fees in the itinerary.

* All meals as specified in the itinerary "B" stands for Breakfast, "L" for Chinese Lunch. "D" for Chinese dinner in local Chinese restaurant. The Package include the   breakfast and  meals.

* Service of English speaking tour guide during all transfers and sightseeing

* Comfortable tour bus.


The Package is Not Inclusive of:

* Airline tickets or train tickets

* Insurance

* All optional programs not mentioned in the itinerary;

* Meals: Any meals which are not specified with "B", "L", or "D";

* Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff.


Due to the road conditions, weather and availability of room, Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, All above is subjected to our confirmation.

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