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Resume of William Yang-Simultaneous interpreter

Chinese name: Yang Ke   
English name: William Yang
Male,  Height: 174 cm
Master of psycholinguistics
Teacher of translation and interpretation in Southwest University for Nationalities
Visiting scholar of Sichuan University
Member Chinese Association of Translators
Advisor of Chengdu Multilingual Information Processing Center
Trainer of interpreter in Chengdu Translators Association
Freelancer of interpretation from 1995-2011 for different topics in different walks of life
English Interpretation: consecutive and companion interpretation: 400-1000 yuan per day depending on the circumstances
Simultaneous interpretation :4000-5000 yuan per day depending on the circumstances
Focus groups for market researches: 500 yuan per hour
Listening interpretation:
Chinese to English translation : 50-80 yuan per minute
                    English Translation: 90-120 yuan per minute
Dubbing  within 10 minutes: 400 yuan    10-30 minutes:350 per minute
                                     more than 30 minutes : 320 yuan per minute
English translation: English to Chinese, 100 yuan per thousand Chinese characters
                        Chinese to English:120 yuan per thousand Chinese characters
If it’s urgent and very difficult, the price of translation will increase after negotiation
Operation management: for translation and interpretation projects:  translation fees plus about 10% of the total contracted amount for translations as the management fee
All the quote are after tax
Customer’s supply accommodation and beverage for biz trip

Fields of translation: Oil, gas, geology, mining, energy, ethnic, religious, agricultural, animal husbandry, construction, real estate, marketing consulting, management, insurance, academic writing and translation, legal and legal, economic, financial, accounting, finance, auditing, Business, business management, consulting, tourism, hotel and catering management, literature, psychology, linguistics, film literature, film and television actor, animation, communications, annual meetings, the performing arts of interpretation, interpretation of mineral consulting, aerospace flight technology, military, sports, players, business consulting negotiations, contract negotiations, international investment and economic and technological cooperation, securities, trade, service and consulting industry, cultural and educational media, public administration, diplomatic and political, consumer, automotive, computer and network hardware and software, information technology, logistics and transportation, electronic communications, clothing, textiles, education, technology, painting, art, advertising, medical equipment, poverty, women, rural reform, environmental protection, medicine, government negotiations, met with leaders of local investment and investment financing, etc.

Certificate:    TEM 8   BEC higher    TOEFL
                CATTI     NAETI    PETS5      driving license C1
Translator and Interpreter for OOCL Orient Overseas Container transportation business in Hyatt Hotel  1995
English tour guide and shopping guide for Xi'an China International Travel Service 1995-2001
Life translator for the representatives of Boeing company   in Xi'an Aero Engine ,Shangri-La Hotel, Xi'an 1996
Translator for foreign trade documents and customs clearance of Changha Foreign freight forwarding, 1996
Translator for foreign trade and customs clearance documents of American confederation foreign freight forwarding, 1996
Translator and interpreter for levy special art book translation, immigration translation material, seal, seals, calligraphy, painting  exhibitions and painting works sales of Wang Guozheng, famous Chinese-American painter , Xi'an Academy of Fine Art Gallery in Chang'an,1997
Washington Press corps interpreter at Xi'an Station of Clinton's White House visit at Palace Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel 19980625
Life and teaching Interpreter for Japanese language and literature experts Suzuki Hounami  1999
Manager and appliance technology translator for  Foreign Affairs and Industry of  High-tech Zone in Xi'an ,2000,7-2001,06
2001  Sichuan
Interpreter for Wu Japanese Electronics and  Chengdu four Kai Computer at 2001 India's NIIT Computer Education and Training Conference in Nanchong 2001,10
Life assistant and companion interpreter for Relocation
Interpreter for various business negotiations
Interpreter for various oil and gas project negotiations
Interpreter for SME Fair
 Interpreter for Wang Rongxuan, deputy governor of Sichuan at Western Fair in Chengdu
Interpreter for Chengdu Confidence  2003  First China-us International Management Forum  on November 4th-5th , 2003 
 Interpreter for Seminar on Sino-US West China Shoes in Chengdu, on November 6th, 2003
 Interpreter for Chengdu Italian textile machinery and technical seminars  on December 16th,2003 
Interpreter for International Symposium on West-China
Development and South-Asia Cooperation on Dec. 12-15, 2003,
Interpreter for China Construction Engineering Group 11,
Interpreter for the Fourth International Conference sponsored by yak agencies FAO Asia-Pacific (FAO RAP), Southwest University for Nationalities, Sichuan Animal Husbandry and Food Bureau of Heifer International Foundation China Office, the International Yak Research Information Center (IYIC), the International Yak Cattle Research Information Center (IYIC), China Association of yak, yak camel German Foundation and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Interpreter for China International Food Festival
English interpreter for Chengdu Station of Global Hercules
Volunteer interpreter for the third "China - ASEAN Legal Cooperation and Development Forum" Sponsored by the China Law Society
Consecutive interpreter for focus group meetings of British company Dunhill Cigars Dunhill
Whispering simultaneous interpreter for "build one of the basic medical and health service system in urban and rural areas in developing countries,"
 Interpreter for Sports Facilities and attractions planning negotiations in Xinjing in 2005
Interpreter for the Denmark tour leader reporting the theft in Chengdu July,200,5
 Interpreter for 6th Western China International Fair on May 25th-28th ,2005
 Interpreter for the British entertainment and digital game industry of British Consulate in Chongqing,
 Business negotiation and speech interpreter for  "reach the dream, the future of games - 2005 Seminar on Sino-British digital games ", the British digital games delegation of Sichuan trip (Briefing on Investment Policy of Chengdu for the UK Digital Game Delegation (Sino-UK Digital Game Forum)  on 18th -20th July,  2005
  Class demonstrator and alternative interpreter for "the second Presidents Forum and the Sino-British training program in Chongqing"   in 11 , 2005
Interpreter (simultaneous) at the First Jiuzhai Paradise International Forum on Environment  on 16th-18th,October,2005
 Consecutive interpreter for Israel's Trade Fair in Sichuan
Whispring Interpreter ( simultaneous and consecutive) for Chengdu Football League  AFC
Interpreter for  Johnson international Seminar on medical sterilization
Interpreter for American Oracle's visit to Chengdu
Interpreter (simultaneous) for Changhong - IBM strategic cooperation memorandum signing ceremony of the  01,2009
Interpreter (Consecutive)  for Loughborough University cooperation projects
Bilingual host at the inaugural meeting of Chengdu Kimo advertising software company
Interpreter for the  negotiation between Oil Pipe Co., Ltd. Hengyang Hong Ling and the Dutch  JIC 28th,3,2009
Interpreter for 2009 China Education and Research Computer Application and Network Conference at Yibin Hall in Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu
Interpreter for cooperation negotiations of Kun Wang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary company in Chengdu,9th Ougust,2009
Interpreter for Dutch agriculture delegation on 17th ,May ,2009
Spanish wine will be on-site interpretation orchids Business Club 2009,5,26
Interpreter for Australia home stay project promotion 6,2009
Interpreter for Chengdu project inspection mission of Thai Preuksa U.S. real estate consulting firm BCG  17-18,6,2009,
Interpreter for unjust enrichment of Sino- Australia  Marriage  at shuangliu  court 6,2009,
Interpreter for Pepsi "Tianfu new green factory" Opening Ceremony 06, 2009
 Interpreter(simultaneous) for "Beichuan, Wenchuan, Sichuan Youth Forum on private sector investment in strategic planning" of World Bank
World Bank International Finance Corporation, Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau organized on June ,2009
 Interpreter at the post-earthquake donation ceremony of Consulate General of Thailand in Sichuan Mianyang on 16th , July,2009
Interpreter(simultaneous)for Philips Lighting
Instructor for interpretation of English training for volunteers of 2009 EU-China Investment and Trade Cooperation Fair 
Interpreter for  the 10th Western Conference Expo on 16th-20th October 2009
Interpreter  of the fourth European Fair on 17-18th October 2009
Companion interpreter for Huang Xiaoxiang, Sichuan deputy governor, at
the welcome dinner of the tenthWest China Expo  , 
Interpreter for Teasdale, a surgical device company at British Medical Fair in 2009 
Interpreter for the 62nd China International Medical Equipment Fair on 28th-31th,10, 2009
Interpreter (English, Japanese) for Pujiang Kosher certification, on 4th , November,2009
Interpreter(simultaneous) for Hyundai market research focus groups  10th,12,2009
Interpreter( simultaneous)for British children's food market research focus groups 12,2009
Interpreter(simultaneous)for InterContinental Hotels market research discussion groups, 2009,1215
Interpreter(on-site) for The Ninth, Sichuan TV Festival
Interpreter(simultaneous) for Pampers Baby Bang diapers market research of  Procter & Gamble 
Interpreter(simultaneous) for  the Green Arrow market investigation of the US, "Wrigley" candy, chewing gum company 
Interpreter(Consecutive)for China Law Society and the Asian Law Students Association Seminar in February,2009
 Interpreter(consecutive )for the exchanges between Carlson Group, with  Chinese owners in February,2009

 Interpreter (simultaneous) for Colgate toothpaste market research visits 12,01 ,2010, 
 Interpreter(on-site) for Danish engineers from Red Lion Cement Holdings of Sichuan territorial waters adjusting equipment ,
Interpreter for the meeting between Xinjin county government and the MGM Group  
 Interpreter for Sichuan - South Asia Economic and Trade Seminar Conference 7-29th
Interpreter for the air compressor negotiation of  the Turkish experts from the Shehong  subsidiary company of Chengdu Sheng Rui  the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Company
Interpreter for the architectural designers of Australia ZHZ with project inspection   20100318
Interpreter(simultaneous) for Fair LISA software localization Global Forum
Interpreter(simultaneous) for CAAC flight simulation aircraft training in conjunction with the transfer 20100423
Interpreter(simultaneous) for the Fourth APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum 20100521、22
Interpreter for Nike endorsement players warming-up meeting in Chengdu 20100605
Interpreter for Coca-Cola Coke Zero Changsha market research symposium 20100618-19
Interpreter( simultaneous ) for  Unilever hand sanitizer market research visits 20100728
Interpreter for International fund of funds FOF in Beijing201007 
  Interpreter( simultaneous) for Chengdu  sales-expanding program of Hong Kong Ocean Park 20100810
Interpreter for Pakistan delivered drug trafficking case sat Chengdu Intermediate People's Court   20100818
 Interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive)for the General Assembly of consumer electronic of Sino-Britain Business Council of British Consulate , 20100706
   the end  negotiation of the Plaza construction project of outsourcing subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhongda Group Chengdu Karda of GTC Group Ring Octopus Dutch Kardan Group,20100824
Interpreter for British Consulate in the United Kingdom Financial Forum .On September 7th, 2010  the mayor  of  the  lundon city  led  the government delegation and a number of well-known financial institutions in the UK 
  Interpreter for"UK banking makes businesses take off," Seminar on September 7, 2010 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chengdu
 Interpreter for the global automotive Forum  20100916, 17
The interpreter(simultaneous) for  2010  the First Jin Mama surgery Equestrian Sports Culture Tourism Festival Golden Horse Forum of chengdu in China at Wenjiang old race course in Chengdu
The interpreter for Tetsuya Endo, Professor of Economics of universities operating Aomori Management Professo, attending the academic discussion and auto purchases with the  professors of University of Electronic Science and Technology School 20100917
The interpreter for receiving foreign ambassadors at Sichuan International Food Festival
The interpreter (simultaneous)for New Energy International Forum in Chengdu Summit   (  all interpreting arrangements-making, scheduling, site management and supervision) 20100927-29
Interpreter(on-site in Japanese)for Chengdu Metro Mass Transit Railway Corporation of Japan nabtesco locomotive brake technology 20101001-05
Participant in interpretation of the Eighth National Conference and International Symposium  presented  papers
20101025 Interpreter for the cooperation talks between Zhonghao lawyer firm and the United Kingdom Clark Holt LLP law firm
20101116 Interpreter(simultaneous)for China Chengdu International Design Week Opening Session and Forum Conference
Interpreter for Larve, Dean of Health School of York University in Canada visiting the Sichuan Health Department 
2010120304 Interpreter(simultaneous) for GIA market survey of Diamond Association of America
Subtitling Translation Listen
listening translator for vice president and chief executive officer of Ericsson, senior technology consultant ,Jan Uddenfeldt 's " opening speech at IEEE 43rd World Congress (ICC2008) ,"and other audio and video material
 Translator for the drink survey for foreign customers made by Beijing Branch of South China International Market Research Company 
Listening translator of World Conference myeloma 20100814
Project management, interpretation, interpreting assignment, interpretation team management, project services interpreting large bid, providing volunteers and training management
Biding for Japanese translation and interpretation of large projects of Sichuan FAW Toyota plant transformation and relocation project
Assigning the translator for living and training courses of Portuguese at the Office of the Sichuan Animal Husbandry Training Centre
Assigning the English Interpreter to construction companies and cements companies of Hechuan, Linshui within Sichuan Province  
assigning interpreter to Florida, Deyang and other places with oil and gas field
Organizing and Managing multi-lingual English and Japanese simultaneous interpretation at the   Nuclear Safety Construction Conference in 2008
 Organizing and managing interpretation audition and training of
2009 Conference of t European Fair
Assigning Korean interpreters to the project of continuous production line of PU sandwich panel plant construction  of  strong Rhine Auto Electronics Co Ltd Korea in Henan Industrial Park of Jiangyou in Zhengzhou
20,100,917 actually marked the global automotive Forum (Beijing, Chengdu) English, Japanese, English and Japanese simultaneous interpretation and the organization of field training in the management team
Biding for New Energy Forum translation services and leading on-site interpretation team  services
Coordinating six ritual interpreters for Sichuan International Food Festival
Coordinating  undergraduates from Southwest Graduate University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology  to do one to one business talks and translation Services
Translation cases (including but not limited to)
Part-time translator for China Translation and Publishing Corporation, Beijing caroling and  other special companies of translation
Translator for "Modern automotive electronic control technology analysis" (in Japan and South Korea)
Translator for materials related to Post-earthquake relief coalition of the total exhibition
"China's auto parts market liquidity and Direction"
"2006 Corporate Financial Analysis Report" of Jilin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Translator for the customer financing business plan
of Beijing Institute of Economic Research 
Gunnedah industrial  "mechanization of cotton processing complete solution"
"the analysis of the challenges facing China Petroleum and Chemical Industry "
all the materials of  "Ethanol Project Development Plan" of  Bluesky Ethanol the marketing documents of snow crabs in China of Unic Marketing Group Ltd
2006-2007 Annual Report on China's Banking Industry
The analysis report on the chemical features of
 Tsushima Basin mineral water
Analysis of geological exploration of oil
Translation of  University Press in Korea
Translation of the Master's drama thesis in British University
Ideological, political, academic and international trade translations and other professional thesis translations  of University of Electronic Science and Technology
Vol Translation of the Software Engineering of University of Electronic Science and Technology
CNOOC Group Annual Report
Cooperation agreement of China Preventive Medicine Association
Guide file RIPs of REACH  Compliance Series  of  EU
translation of mill equipment tenders
Sino-Denmark wind power tender
English translation of Chinese Shell Detection

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