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Sichuan tracel guide Sichuan tea culture - |Sichuan tea culture|


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Sichuan tracel guide Sichuan tea culture
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Sichuan tea culture

Sichuan people into houses, not only for the tea, and the first is to be spiritually satisfying their own news to tell others, and from others to get more news and information.

Bashanshushui between China's ancient civilization of the original one.  It was about this as early as 6006 before they are distributed here Neolithic culture.  Archaeologists believe that the North Bashu civilization by both the impact of the advanced culture, but also has its own characteristics.  In the neolithic period, the Three Gorges area of the Chuandong Daxi culture with a direct relationship between the fall of northern Sichuan Majiayao culture areas.  This is a well-established characteristics of the Yangtze River civilization, a long time ago by the Yellow River civilization of the area affected.  In the southwest, on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and also an important source of the ancient civilization.  But later, the Yellow River civilization very clearly is in the forefront of the region, it is natural to Bashu civilization north of the Qinling Mountains and the Loess cultural exchanges.  On the dissemination of tea from the original habitat, the first by the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau along the river flows in Sichuan, and then east to the Three Gorges along the Yangtze River.  Therefore, Sichuan, which is run by its original home of the road to the outside world in the first leg.  It is precisely here, tea culture and the Central Plains meets the loess.  Weekly, King Wu, Bashu two small Bangguo to help it to tea as a week dedicated to the tribute, Zhongyuan know tea, when in fact mainly from the beginning.  Royal weeks up until the time of the end of the Qin Dynasty unified, Bashu has even for the city and the Central Plains, Central is running under the gun, than Yungui, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Ridge, or even accept the Central Plains early civilization, but over the Yellow River Basin with tea history as a result, the tea culture in the development of favourable conditions here.  Therefore, the history of China's earliest tea, almost all of Theory of the Shu People, and are major intellectuals.  As written, "about child Fu" is Sichuanese Yubao, the first time he documented China's shopping, tea situation.  Sima Xiangru great writer is the Concert tea, tea Yang Xiong understand the same.  Therefore, Zhang Jin wrote in "Deng Chengdu floor Fu", the older generation thought tea and gentlemen, said: "By asking for the Yangtze, imagine Qing House," "Tea-fang crown six conditions, excess broadcast flavor of nine districts." Clearly, in the of the Han Dynasty, tea drinking experience-people everywhere go far before.  However, in the Tang Dynasty, China's economic center significantly to the transfer of the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, and the Tang Dynasty, tea culture is a period of time.  As a result, Jingchu, but surpass Wuyue, to really become a China tea, the birthplace of the tea ceremony, Sichuan tea culture but Mission national economic, and cultural center of the eastward shift of the relatively backward.

However, Bashu After all, it is China's oldest tea production one of the resorts.  Chaxiang impossible without tea in the matter.  Sichuan has retained the habit of tea drinking preferences.  Something that is the most prominent performance-houses.  Are saying:)) "head sunny little teahouse and more immediate."  Regardless of this proverb is depicted on the natural environment or the old political satire exposing China, Sichuan houses more than it is really.  Chengdu, Sichuan tea again and the most famous, and the "Sichuan Jiatianxia teahouse, a teahouse in Chengdu, Sichuan."  Chengdu houses are of different sizes, with the large up hundreds of seats, there are also three small, the five tables.  Wind stress from the teahouse hospitality attitude, paved style, tea, tea,.  Operating skills supporting services.  Authentic Sichuan tea teapot should be copper, tin cups care, King porcelain Gaiwan, round Tuocha, good Mody division (Cha Ph.D.) everything was fine.

However, Sichuan tea was very impressive, not only because of a large number of service UNIFEM cooked skills, attitudes polite, considerate, but because it has a social function.

Sichuan, beautiful scenery, rich natural resources, but surrounded by mountains, is a poor and the middle.  Bashanshushui Sichuan many intellectuals.  Especially the Chinese, Three Kingdoms period, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River has not yet fully developed, and then Sichuan Changan close to the political center, and the Qin and Han periods is an important economic zone, the very ancient culture developed.  Sima Qian's "Records of the Historian cargo yields the biography" more 'Chuanshu things in mind, including the Zhuocheng Shu, in the Provisional Deng Kevin Drum, "the rich and irresolute people, Tian Chi-measures to enjoy, to be Taijun."  Also in the "Palestinian-widows", a widow earning a good DARA.  And to the Three Kingdoms period, Sichuan Zhuge Liang Jian Liu Bei help Shuguo, Bashu cultural development played a significant role, and to the left-are concerned about state affairs.  Good tradition.  But natural occlusion Sichuan, Sichuan people would like to know the situation is not easy, as the first modern Sichuan tea highlighted the "dissemination of information".  Sichuan people into houses, not only for the tea, and the first is to be spiritually satisfying their own news to tell others, and from others to get more news and information.  Sichuan teahouse is the first functional "Bailongmenzhen", a large teahouse is a small community.  Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan, as well as other large and small cities and towns have a lot of houses.  Many people in Chongqing, in the past one would get up into the houses.  Some in the face, in a teahouse.  Followed by tea, as soon as possible, followed by Longmenzhen styled it.  Sichuan is very careful not teahouse furnishings, but Lai squandering comfort.  Zhuodeng a teahouse, and some also set up a row of bamboo lie.  You can sit goods, goods can be lying.  Some people say that Sichuan tea on less than tea.  This can not be absolute, Sichuan tea in the tea master will then have unique skills.  Guests door, Zhu Yi, a lying, waiters will greet shouted loudly, and then rushed into tea.  If collective tea, you will see a such as "acrobatic comedy" general Chongcha performances.  Dr. suddenly asked a lot of tea teacup to display table, are covered teacup.  Then, the left Uncovery tea master, the right hand and the pot in one hand and turned in one hand and charged around with silk stria chaos, and the astonishing speed fast, and even dozens of cups, which give an instant flip flushing, the table can be leak proof.  This line of the method, which not only embodies China's tea culture in the "quintessence of uniform" tradition, and shown a beautiful rhythm and superb skill.  - People love to drink tea, which is a Jinyacha and taste strong, clear a long time, and on durable goods drink to a long talk with the most affordable.  Many changes as bubble tea, Yichong YAO half of the drink, and some people drink at the early morning before leaving also told "Mody division": "I left to the teacup, and I also Chibafanshangwu to." Sichuan population words, the brain quickly, eloquence, regardless of Old Cars, houses are all one-on Friends, trivial event can be said to a round of the day, like clouds as fog.  Therefore, the "exchange of information" to Sichuan teahouse is the first important role.

Sichuan tea house is the old society "Baoge to" talk about the local official, "rudder handle" take care of a friend, will take care of each tea.  Gugan a lift to guests, as long as the door in a sitting on the table, a teahouse owner will be considered to be "Abai Columbia have" approached asked sound good to Gonggongjingjing presented dishes.  Tea stop, not to tea money, and said: "Abai a fight prodded, you carried tea Columbia is the son of a friend, where money the truth?" Clearly, Sichuan tea another function, "civil society Fraternity Station. "

Sichuan teahouse there is a very special function, some call "civil courts."  The villagers who have disputes on "field" can go to the teahouse "unreasonable" by the local security forces have long squires or Baoge Abai to "Duanan."  As justice is not justice, that its own days.  However, it shows that tea-viewed, at least the tea is "fair" and "clean" content.  Sichuan restaurant in the "political" and "social" function seems to be even more pronounced than in other areas.

Sichuan say less humble houses completely vulgar, nor comprehensive, and many houses are literati activity.  Reportedly, some Sichuan writers writing to the teahouse, "Naozhongqujing" did not have the houses there will be no inspiration.  Taiwanese writer Qiong Yao Works Again "Jiduoxiyanggong" in the Chongqing Shapingba teahouse is the intellectuals regular meeting place.  Where students can be Yin, paint, talk, the establishment of so-called "North-South" in houses have become more refined taste than the general atmosphere.  Sichuan restaurant not only large and medium-sized cities, small towns also eup total tea.  Even rural market also occupies an important position.  Speeding came days, tea table has been placed on Jieyan.  There, you can view the Sichuan Opera, Sichuan voiceless, rap, and puppetry.  This is folk culture activity.

Sichuan houses a major role often ignored by the people, that is, "economic exchanges."  In Sichuan, civil main business transactions are carried out in a teahouse in Chengdu, devoted to the trading houses, where they are generally not in private, tea, a little heart, can also hosted a dinner in the provisional order, do business is very convenient.  Grand Mercure old suit, but also in the teahouse, Jiangjiajian.  As for the rural houses, but also the regular meeting of local businessmen.

In short, Sichuan tea is multifunctional, set the political, economic, and cultural functions. Great for the community, "Jiesuibukui".  Although Shaolesuo refined manner, but the cultural and social functions of tea has been fully reflected the Sichuan teahouse culture is a major characteristic.

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