Sichuan Tour: CD26 Around Chengdu 4 Days Tour - |Dufu cottage/Wuhouci; Dujiangyan/MtQingcheng; Leshan Grand Buhdda/Emeishan|


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Sichuan Tour: CD26 Around Chengdu 4 Days Tour
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Sichuan Tour: CD26 Around Chengdu 4 Days Tour:
Dufu cottage/Wuhouci; Dujiangyan/Mt.Qingcheng; Leshan Grand Buhdda/Emeishan

Duration: 4 days 
Route: Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum - Wuhou Memorial Temple Museum - Leshan Grand Buddha - Mt. Emei

DuFu Thatched Cottage, the holy place of Chinese poem history.
Wuhou Memorial Temple, explore the Romance of Three Kingdoms
Dujiangyan Irrigation system, ratified as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO
Mt.Qingcheng is the headstream of Chinese Taoisma.
Leshan Grand Buddha - the biggest carved Buddha statue in the world.

Itinerary :
Day 1: Visit Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in the morning, visit Wuhou Memorial Temple Museum (Shrine of Marquis Wu)in the afternoon.

The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu was the residence of the great poet of Tang Dynasty when he took refuge in Chengdu.
It covers an area of 16 hectares. Constructions inside represent Qing Dynasty style, with gardens of the unique compound style in Chinese gardening tradition. The Gate, the Screen Wall, the Lobby, the History in Verse Hall, and the Gong Bu Temple are lined one by one along the middle axis, flanked by corridors and other auxiliary buildings. Among them and in between are trees and bamboo groves, winding brooks and linking small bridges. All these give the place an atmosphere of solemnity and meanwhile a sense of beauty and grace. It easily reminding people of the scenes described in Du Fu's poems. While taking a quiet walk in such a historical cultural environment, visitors are apt to be brought back to the ancient times.

Situated in the southern suburb of the Chengdu City, Wuhou (an honorific title means Martial Marquis) Memorial Temple was an ancestral temple with a history covering over one-thousand-years, established as a memorial to the prime minister of Shu (221 - 263) in the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280) - Zhuge Liang. According to a poem of Dufu a famous poet in Chinese history, described in his poem Prime Minister of Shu written by Dufu "Where can we find the Marquis of Prime Minister, it is outside the Jinguan City among the mass of cypress. " The five sections of the main complex are respectively the First Gate, Second Gate, Liu Bei Hall, the corridor and Zhuge Liang Hall. There are more than 40 statues of Shu, and other historical figures in the temple, including Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei (2 loyal vassals and the sworn brothers of Liu Bei) and their well-known posterities. Many valuable steles, plaques and couplets are also to be found there.

As an option in the evening(200RMB extra), enjoy a wonderful variety show of “Face changing” and “Flame Spitting - Out” of Sichuan Opera.

Day 2: Drive to Dujiangyan Irrigation system in the moring, visit Mt. Qingcheng in the afternoon.

Dujiangyan Irrigation system is one of the world first irrigation systems and ratified into the World Cultural Heritage list. It`s located on the upper reaches of the Minjiang River. It was built between 306-251 BC. by the local people under the guidance of Libing and his son. Fortunately the Dujiangyan Irrigation system brings the vast Chengdu Plain under irrigation and has protected it against droughts and floods for over 2,300 years. Because of this Chengdu Plain has turned into the land of abundance with a mild climate and fertile soil.
Mt.Qingcheng ratified as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO is the headstream of Chinese Taoism. the initiator of Taoism, Zhang Taolin in the end of East Han Dynasty, came to Qingcheng Mountain to instruct Taoism from Shanxi. there still go round supernatural stories describing how he fight hard with devils, how the "Brush Pen Groove" and the " Three Island Stone" formed. After Taoist master Zhang Daoling passed away, Qingcheng Mountain also became prosperous as the headstream of Taoism, original Mountain of Taoist Master. Back to Chengdu, service end !

Day 3: Drive to Leshan Grand Buddha in the morning, then drive to Mt. Emei

Drive towards Leshan, enjoying countryside views of the Chuanxi Plain on the way (2 hrs along expressway), upon arrive, walking about 2 hours, from several angles by walking the riverside and then ascending to the top, reach to the Giant Buddha`s head, then descend a short but steep zigzag steps to its feet, feeling you do come from Lilliput. Ferry trip is also recommend, fabulous standing on deck, bathing the breeze on the river and having a panoramic view of the biggest carved Buddha statue in the world and his two guardians. a huge natural lying Buddha can be easily figured out while you are standing on the deck and viewing the outline of Mt Lingyun from afar. Then drive on for half an hour to Emei mountain and visit Baoguosi temple---the largest temple at the foot of Mt. Emei.
Day 4: Mt. Emei sightseeing, Back to Chengdu

Set off from the hotel at 7:00am by tour bus to the cable car station, where you will begin your ride to the the highest summit of Mt. Emei, the Golden summit. Have a look around the Golden summit including Huazang temple. After lunch, Take the cable car down and take the bus to Wanniansi parking lot which is located halfway up Mt. Emei. Take another cable car to visit Wanniansi temple. return to Chengdu.

Under the beautiful sunlight, the Golden Hall is glistening, and the whole architectural complex seems resplendent and magnificent. The majestic and respectful statue of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva astonishes every devout person for its great momentum. The Golden Summit--the dominant peak---soars to the skies, the Ten Directions Pu Xian Idol--the highest golden Buddhist idol in China—is located above the peak and sea of clouds, collecting spirits in sky and earth and reflecting gleams of sun and moon. The appearance of the Buddhist idol is majestic as well as the golden hall, silver hall and cooper hall. The “Six Spectacles” of the Golden Summit are sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha‘s light, sacred light, golden hall and golden Buddhist idol that make the Golden Summit the outstanding, the most splendid natural sigh-seeing stand with combination of natural spectacles and human culture and the most famous Buddhism pilgrimage center.

Hotel recommendation inclusive in the above package:


Deluxe Class

(5 star or same level)

Comfortable Class

(4 star or same level)

Budget Class

(3 star or business hotel)

Chengdu 2 N

Sheraton Lido Hotel or

Crown Plaza Hotel

Minshan An E Hotel or

Tianfu Sunshine Hotel

Bingjiang Hotel or

Jinhe Hotel

Mt. Emei 1 N

Hongzhushan Hotel

Emeishan Horspring Hotel

Phoenix Lake Hotel


Price(Per Pax inRMB):

Group Size

1 Pax

2 Pax

3 Pax

4 Pax

5 Pax

6 Pax

7 Pax

8 Pax

9 Pax

10 Pax

Deluxe Class











Comfortable Class











Budget Class











Above 10 Pax, please contact us for more information and better price !


The Package Includes: The Package is Not Inclusive of:

* All entrance fees as per in the itinerary
* All transportation in the itinerary by 7 seats Refine MPV or 17 seats Transit mini bus.
* Service of English speaking tour guide during all transfers and sightseeing.

* Hotel accommodation based on twin sharing room with the Breakfast in the hotel.
* Chinese visa and Air tickets or train tickets.
  Note: If you need our help to booking hotel and domestic air tickets or train tickets in China, please inform us in advance and send us your full name on your passport and passport number through email.
* All meals (lunch and dinner).
  Note: Our guide can recommend and arrange restaurant for you. When driver and guide working for you. You should pay for their meals
* All optional programs. Such as variety show of "Face changing" and "Flame Spitting-Out" of Sichuan Opera; Tibetan Singing, Dancing and folk custom Show.


 Contact us for better price !

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